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Meal Expense Policy for Faculty and Administrative Search Committees



This policy is intended to provide general guidelines to Search Committee chairs regarding scheduling meals with candidates. The policy ensures that all applicants receive a similar interview experience at Daemen College and allocates college resources in a prudent and responsible manner.

General Policy

Meals arranged by a Search Committee should be limited to a maximum of three members from the committee and the candidate.

Meals should be arranged through the Daemen Dining Service (Hallmark Management) and held in the Wick Center Executive Dining Room or other suitable location on-campus whenever possible.

The committee may arrange for one meal at a local restaurant for up to three members of the committee and the candidate. An original itemized receipt must be submitted to the Business Office for reimbursement. The receipt should indicate those present at the meal and the meal gratuity should not exceed 20% of the bill. Meal expenses may not exceed the following cost per person:

Restaurant Hallmark
Breakfast $15.00 $6 – $7
Lunch $20.00 $9 – $10
Dinner $40.00 $12 – $14

The College will not pay for alcohol served at any meals. Any request for payment over these limits must be approved by the appropriate Cabinet officer before the scheduled event.

Procedure to Arrange for On-Campus Meal Service

  1. The Search Committee chair or representative should contact the President’s Office at ext. 8210 to reserve the Executive Dining Room as soon as the interview is scheduled.
  2. After the room is reserved, contact Daemen Dining Services at ext. 8328. The catering staff has a variety of menu options available that will not exceed the meal maximums above. 7 days advanced notice is requested.
  3. Send a Daemen Purchase Requisition to the Business Office (DS Room 106) and include the following information: the event date, location, meal option selected, budget account to be charged and contact information for the event planner.
Updated on June 22, 2019

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