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Volume Categories with Policies

(As of February 22, 2018):


This Volume contains the majority of policies and procedures attributable to the academic requirements and programs of the College, and policies affecting members of the faculty, many of which may be found in the Faculty         Handbook (See Volume L).

AA-1 Academic Cross Registration Procedures UC
AA-2 Academic Regulations and Standards FH,UCGC
AA-3 Accommodation of Students with Disabilities FH,SAH, GC, UC
  Accreditation Policies GC
  Grade Appeal Procedure UC, GC
  Honors Program Policy FH, UC
  How to Petition the Committee on Academic Standards UC, GC


  Human Subjects Research Policy WS
  Instructor Authored Course Materials Policy WS
  Academic Articulation Agreements WS  A-Z Art 2+2 Agreements
  Academic Bankruptcy Policy UC
  Academic Standards for Participation in Extracurricular Activities SH


  Academic Freedom Policy UC
  Academic Honesty Policy UC, GC, SH
  Academic Standing, Appeals, Suspension UC
  Appointment of Faculty Procedures FH
  Budgets Policy for Chairs and Deans FH
  Copyright and Fair Use Policy SAH, FH
  Core Curriculum Seven Competencies UC, MyDaemen Academic Affairs
  Course Load Policy UC
  Credit Hour Definition Guidelines WS  A-Z
  Deans List Policy and Tuition Benefits UC
  Department Chairs Appointment Procedure FH
  Directed Study Policy UC
  Disability Documentation Guidelines Policy WS
  Dispute Resolution Procedure SAH, FH
  Division Deans Appointment Procedure FH
  Evaluation of Faculty Procedures FH
  Faculty Additional Employment Policy FH
  Faculty Development Policies and Procedures FH
  Faculty Travel and Research Guidelines FH
  Human Anatomy Lab Policies WS A-Z Employee Safety
  Intellectual Property Policy SAH, SH
  Midterm Deficiency Policy PTFH, UC
  Natural Sciences Department Biosafety Manual WS Employee Safety A-Z
  Faculty Class Cancellation Procedures       PTFH
  Part Time Faculty Contract Policies PTFH
  Part Time Faculty Institutional Policies PTFH
  Promotion Policy and Procedures FH
  Research Financial Conflict of Interest Policy SAH, FH
  Research Integrity Policy Guidelines on Misconduct SAH, FH


  Student Grade Appeal Procedure SH, UC, GC
  Service Learning Requirements WS A-Z Academic Serv. Learning
  Students with Disabilities Test Accommodation Procedure  WS


  Summer School Scheduling and Compensation Policies          WS


  Tenure Policy and Procedures FH
  Termination of Faculty Policy and Procedures FH
  Withdrawal from the College UC, GC
  Whistleblower Policy SH, FH


This Volume contains the majority of policies and procedures attributable to the admissions process at the College and policies affecting scholarships and other sources of financial aid for students, many of which can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

Admissions Policy General UC, GC
College and AP Programs for High School Students UC


Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct WS A-Z Financial Aid
Financial Agreements Policies UC, GC
Financial Aid General UC
Health and Insurance Services Policy UC, GC
HEOP Program UC
International Students Admissions Policy UC, GC
Refund Attribution Policy UC, GC
Refund Request Policy UC, GC
Scholarships and Grants WS A-Z, UC
Students with Disabilities Admissions UC, GC
Study Abroad Scholarship Study Abroad Handbook
Transcript Requests UC
Transfer Students UC
Tuition and Other Financial Information UC, GC
Veterans Admission UC


This Volume contains the majority of policies and procedures related to student-athletes and to intramural and other athletic programs of the College.

Athletics Study Table Policy and Procedures AthHB
Athletics Facility Use FH
Daemen Athletics and Title IX WS A-Z Athletics
Drug and Alcohol Policy AthHB, UC
NCAA Gambling Policy AthHB, SH
Hall of Fame Criteria WS A-Z Athletics, DAWS
Hazing Policy AthHB, APPM, SH
Intramural Sports & Club Sports UC, Ath. DAWS
Missed Class Policy AthHB
Sportsmanship and Game Environment Policy AthHB, APPM
Student Athlete Code of Conduct AthHB, APPM
Student Athlete Other Prohibited Conduct AthHB
2017-2018 Student Athlete Handbook AthHB
2017-2018 Compliance Manual DAWS
2017-2018 Policies and Procedures Manual DAWS


 This Volume contains the majority of policies and procedures attributable to the business and finance operations of the College, including budgeting, purchasing, contracting, travel and other business and financial functions of the College.

  • Book Store Textbook Merchandise Return Policy SH, UC
  • Budget Policy and Procedures BOWS
  • Budget Review Web Advisor Instructions BOWS
  • Competitive Bidding Policy BOWS
  • Contract Approval Policy and Procedure             BOWS
  • Departmental Cash and Check Receipting Procedures BOWS
  • Donations to Other Charitable Organizations Policy BOWS
  • Employee Cell Phone Policy SAH, FH
  • Funding Request Form MyDaemen Employees
  • Gift Acceptance Policies BOWS
  • Independent Contract Checklist BOWS            
  • Interdepartmental Charges Policy BOWS
  • Lab Fees WS A-Z Student                 
  • Liquor Authority Requests Policy BOWS
  • Meal Expense Policy for Faculty and Administrative Search Committees BOWS
  • Meetings on Campus Policy BOWS
  • Mileage Travel Entertainment Policy BOWS
  • Missing Receipt Template BOWS
  • Non Employee Payments Policy BOWS
  • Purchasing Policies BOWS
  • New Records Retention and Destruction Policy ’17 BOWS
  • Sales Tax Exemption Policy BOWS
  • Student Bank Accounts Policy BOWS
  • Student Billing PolicyWS A-Z Student
  • Student Parent Payment Method for Credit WS A-Z  Students
  • Travel Voucher BOWS
  • Withdrawal and Refund Liability Dates UC, GC


This Volume contains the majority of policies, procedures and plans, directly attributable to campus safety, parking, and other provisions designed to sustain a safe and secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

  • Crime Reporting Policy             SH
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan             WS A-Z Employee Safety
  • Clery Act Compliance Policy SH
  • Domestic Violence Policy WS A-Z Employee Safety
  • Drug Free Schools Zone Act Policy WS A-Z Drug Free Schools Zone Act
  • Emergency Notification System SH
  • Emergency Response Planning WS A-Z Employee Safety
  • Parking Permits Policy SH, SAH
  • Fire Safety SH
  • Human Anatomy Lab Rules, Regulations WS A-Z Employee Safety
  • Missing Student Policy SH
  • Parking Fees Policy SH
  • Parking Policies General SH
  • Reporting a Crime Policy SH
  • Security and Fire Safety Information Policy SAH
  • Transportation Policy SH


This Volume contains the majority of policies, procedures and plans directly attributable to the operation, maintenance and improvement of campus facilities and processes for facility utilization on campus.

  • Facilities Project Approval Process BOWS
  • Facilities Improvement Project Request Form BOWS
  • Facilities Master Plan WS A-Z
  • Facility Reservation Request Form WS A-Z Conference Services
  • Historic Bell Use Policy OP
  • Reserving Space Conference Services WS A-Z Conference Services

This Volume contains the important Mission Statement of the College; Bylaws; and other legal, administrative policies, plans, and procedures attributable to the governing of the College enterprise.

  • Article X Only Conflicts of Interest OP
  • Community Advisory Board Bylaws OP
  • Daemen Charter OP
  • Faculty Senate Bylaws FH
  • Mission Statement of Daemen College OP, FH,UC, GC, SH
  • Self Study Report, April 2006, 2016 MyDaemen  Employees
  • Statement of Maintenance of Public Order FH
  • Strategic Plan OP, WS A-Z
  • Trustees Bylaws OP
  • Trustees Conflict of Interest OP


This Volume contains the majority of the policies and procedures attributable to the Part-time and Full-Time College workforce, including policies regarding equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination,   affirmative action, drug and alcohol workplace restrictions, employee leave, FERPA and related employee policies.

  • Accommodation of Employees with Disabilities SAH, FH
  • Alcohol and Drug Policy General SH, UC, GC
  • Background Check Policy General SAH
  • Bias Reporting Policy SH
  • Bias Report Policy Form SH
  • Casual Labor and Seasonal Help Policy WS A-Z (IRS Site)
  • Conflict of Interest Policy SAH, FH
  • Continuation of Health Insurance Coverage COBRA  SAH, FH
  • Dispute Resolution Procedures SAH, FH
  • Domestic Violence Policy WS Employee Safety A-Z
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy SAH, FH
  • Employee Blood Donation Leave Policy SAH
  • Employee Code of Conduct Policy SAH
  • Employee Safety Policy General WS A-Z Employee Safety
  • Employee Work Related Injury Policy, Feb. 2017      WS A-Z Employee Safety
  • Family and Medical Leave Policy SAH, FH
  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act SAH, FH, SH
  • FERPA Basics for Faculty FH
  • FERPA Basics for Staff SAH
  • Flu Call In Procedures WS A-Z Employee Policies
  • Grievance Procedures in Discrimination and Harassment Cases SAH,FH, SH
  • Human Resources Policy General SAH
  • Non Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy SAH, SH, UC, GC, FH
  • Pay Transparency Policy General SAH, FH
  • Prohibiting Unlawful Harassment including Sexual Harassment SAH, FH, SH
  • Protected Classes Policy WS A-Z Employee Policies
  • Right of Nursing Mothers to Express Breast Milk SAH, SH
  • Sexual Harassment Training Policy FH, SAH
  • Smoking Policy SH, SAH
  • Whistleblower Policy FH, SH
  • Work Policies All Employees SAH, MyDaemen Employees, HR


This Volume contains the majority of the policies and procedures directly attributable to the utilization of computers, information technology systems on campus, and other aspects of educational and related technology resources at the College.

  • Computer Resources Use Policy UC, GC, SAH
  • Computing Services UC, WS A-Z Technology Services
  • File Sharing Notification Policy UC, GC, SH
  • File Sharing Policy UC, GC, SH    
  • Social Media Best Practices Policy for Those Posting on Behalf of Daemen College SAH

This Volume contains the majority of the policies and procedures attributable to residence life, student conduct, and related policies designed to guide student activities and responsibilities in their on-campus experience.

  • Academic Standing Probation Suspension Dismissal Appeals UC
  • Accommodation of Students with Disabilities SH, UC, GC
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Policies SH, UC, GC
  • Amnesty Policy SH
  • Audit Policy UC
  • Bias Reporting SH
  • Bookstore and Related Policies SH
  • Bookstore Purchasing Policy SH
  • Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights SH
  • Class Attendance Policy UC
  • Dissents and Demonstrations Policy SH
  • Disability Documentation Guidelines WS
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy SH
  • Drug Law Violations and Federal Aid SH, UC, GC
  • Gambling Policy SH
  • General Conduct Regulation UC, SH
  • Graduation Requirements UC, GC
  • Hazing and Other New member Initiations SH
  • Housing Residency Requirement UC, SH
  • ID Policy SH
  • Missing Student Policy SH
  • Non Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy SH
  • Publication Policy SH
  • Residency Policy First Year Students WS A-Z, SH
  • Service Learning Guidelines SH
  • Service Learning Policies and Procedures SH
  • Sexual Assault and Violence Policies and Procedures SH
  • Signs and Notices Policy SH
  • Solicitation and Proselytism Policy SH
  • Student Code of Conduct and Procedures SH
  • Student Dispute Resolution Procedure SH
  • Student Expression Policy SH
  • Student Government Policies and Bylaws WS A-Z Student Government
  • Student Grade Appeal Procedure SH, UC, GC
  • Student Health Insurance Policy SH, UC
  • Student Housing Selection Procedures WS A-Z Res. Life
  • Student Leave of Absence Policy UC, GC
  • Student Parking Policy SH
  • Student Registration Regulations UC, GC
  • Student Residence Life Policies SH
  • Student Handbook 2017 SH
  • Suicidal Ideation Policy SH
  • Textbook Return Policy SH
  • Transportation Policy SH


This Volume contains the majority of the policies that have broad, comprehensive applicability across the spectrum of all students, faculty, staff, administrators, Offices and Departments of the College.

  • Accommodation of Employees with Disabilities SAH, FH
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Policies SH, FH, SAH
  • Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights  SH
  • Computer Use Policy General SAH
  • Conflict of Interest Policy General SAH, FH
  • Daemen College Mission Statement UC, GC, SH
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy General SAH
  • Employee Cell Phone Policy SAH, FH
  • Grievance Procedures in Discrimination and Harassment Cases SAH, FH
  • Hazing and Other New Member Initiations SAH, APPM, SH
  • Intellectual Property Policy General SAH, SH, FH
  • Meetings on Campus Policy SH
  • Non Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy SH, FH
  • Parking Policies General SH
  • Policy Prohibiting Unlawful Harassment Including Sexual Harassment SAH, SH, FH
  • Service Animal Policy UC, GC
  • Tobacco Free Campus Policy SAH, SH
  • Whistleblower Policy FH, SAH, SH


This Volume contains important official College handbooks, manuals and guides pertaining to students, faculty, staff, and athletics.

  • Athletic Training Student Handbook WS A-Z  Athletic Training
  • 2017-2018 Athletics Compliance Manual DAWS
  • 2017-2018 Athletics Policies and Procedures Manual DAWS
  • Faculty Handbook Part-Time WS A-Z Employee Policies
  • Faculty Handbook Full-Time WS A-Z Employee Policies
  • Natural Sciences Department Biosafety Manual  WS A-Z
  • Nursing Student Handbook MyDaemen Student Affairs
  • Staff and Administrative Handbook WS A-Z
  • 2017-2018 Student Athlete Handbook DAWS
  • Study Abroad Handbook WS A-Z  Steps to Study Abroad
  • Student Handbook WS A-Z


This Volume contains the College’s process for policy development, including development of new policies; proposals to amend current policies and recommendations for the retirement or withdrawal of current policies.

  • Policy on Policies OP
  • Policy Development Template OP




ATHB               Athletic Training Handbook

APPM              Athletics Policies and Procedures Manual

Ath.HB            Student Athlete Handbook

BOWS              Business Office Website

DAWS              Daemen Athletics Website

FH                    Faculty Handbook

GC                    Graduate Catalog

OP                    Office of the President

PTFH                Part Time Faculty Handbook

SAH                 Staff Administrative Handbook

SH                   Student Handbook

UC                    Undergraduate Catalog

WS A-Z             Daemen Website A-Z

Updated on November 27, 2018

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