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Alcohol (Residential Living)

Policy Author:
Student Affairs

Responsible Office – Department:
Student Affairs

Effective Date of Policy:
August 17, 2022

Policy Narrative

The use of alcohol in the residence halls will be subject to state and federal laws and Daemen University Policy. Responsible use of alcohol by students 21 years of age and older is permitted only according to university regulations. In accordance with New York State law, students under the age of 21 may not possess, sell, or consume alcoholic beverages. Generally, except in matters outlined under the University Amnesty Policy (see Section 5), the university follows a zero-tolerance policy in these matters. This means that every reported incident will be formally addressed through the conduct review system. (Please note: General policy information regarding drugs and alcohol are covered in Section 5, Campus Policies.)

The following guidelines pertain to students who are of legal drinking age. The University also expects all visitors and guests to comply with the regulations listed below:

  1. Any resident bringing visitors/guests to campus shall be responsible for making the alcohol policies known to their visitors/guests. Every visitor/guest is subject to university rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of residents as hosts to monitor and accept responsibility for the behavior of their visitors/guests. Visitors/Guests of residents are not permitted to bring alcohol onto campus.
  2. Alcohol is not permitted at all in Canavan Hall, even for students who are over the age of 21.
  3. Alcohol is not permitted in any apartment/suite where no students over the age of 21 reside.
  4. Students over the age of 21 are responsible for keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors.
  5. Kegs, taps, beer balls, and other common sources of alcohol are not permitted. The possession of any implement which can be used to irresponsibly ingest alcohol is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, funnels, beer/water bongs, etc. Drinking games and drinking game devices, (e.g., beer pong tables), are also not permitted.
  6. Students who are of legal drinking age and who are in possession of alcohol or are present where alcohol is being consumed must provide proof of age when asked by any university official including Resident Assistants. If proof of age is not provided, students will be asked to dispose of the alcohol and follow-up will occur per the University’s Code of Conduct.
  7. Underage students may not be in the presence of alcoholic beverages. The only exception is an underage resident who lives with students of legal drinking age, may be in the presence of alcohol in their assigned apartment. The underage person may not consume or possess alcohol. Once guests (anyone not residing in said apartment) over the age of 21 enter an apartment where alcohol is present, NO students under the age of 21 (including residents of that apartment) may be present.
  8. The amount of alcohol permitted by each resident over the age of 21 in an apartment are as follows (all other forms of alcohol are prohibited):
    1. Six 12-ounce cans or six 12-ounce bottles of beer; or 
    2. Six 12-ounce bottles of wine coolers or malt beverages (e.g., Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice, etc.); or 
    3. One 750 ml (0.75 liter) bottle of distilled spirits; or 
    4. One 750 ml (0.75 liter) bottle of wine  
  9. Alcoholic containers may not be used as decorations. Empty cans or bottles will be deemed as proof of consumption. Students over the age of 21 should dispose of or recycle containers immediately after consumption.
  10. In the event that there is an alcohol policy violation, it is not the university’s responsibility to determine who was consuming alcohol and who was not. It will be assumed that anyone involved in the incident was engaging in the policy violation.
  11. Public intoxication is considered an alcohol policy violation. Actions as a result of public intoxication which disturb any people, facilities, community, and/or oneself will be dealt with through the appropriate authorities.

Purpose of Policy

To create and maintain an equitable environment where students have the optimal opportunity to succeed academically, personally, and professionally and where any and all Daemen University Community members feel safe, valued, and respected.

This policy’s virtual location is in the Residential Living Policies section (Section 4) of the Student Handbook –  https://www.daemen.edu/student-life/student-affairs/student-handbook/section-4-residential-living-policies.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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