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Tuition Exchange Scholarship Export Policy

Policy Author:
Employee Engagement

Responsible Office – Department:
Employee Engagement

Effective Date of Policy:
April 20, 2021


Daemen College belongs to Tuition Exchange, a national organization that administers tuition remission scholarships for employees of over 700 member colleges and universities. The Daemen College TE program is offered to dependent children, under the age of 24, of full-time faculty, administrators, and staff. Tuition Exchange is not an employee benefit nor is it a guaranteed scholarship opportunity. 

The employee must have completed at least 5 uninterrupted years of full-time employment with Daemen College and must maintain this uninterrupted level of service for the full duration of the tuition exchange period. Change in level or terminations of employment will result in continuation of the scholarship only through the end of the semester in which the event occurs, or if the event occurs prior to the start of the academic year, the scholarship will be voided.  For additional information on this program, please contact the TE Liaison Officer/Employee Engagement Department.

Tuition Exchange Scholarships are competitive awards and each participating institution sets its own import/export criteria.  Students must attend full-time to be eligible for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship. The importing institution sets the policies for awarding Tuition Scholarships.

Duration and Coverage:

Generally, eligible students are awarded 8 semesters to cover four-year undergraduate scholarships if they enroll as freshman or fewer semesters as required to complete the baccalaureate degree if they enter the TE program as transfers. Students renewing their TE scholarships must be recertified annually by the Export College TE Liaison Officer, prior to the start of the next academic year. New TE export students must meet admissions criteria and renewing TE export students must maintain required academic and behavioral standards of the host/import college.

Employees must notify the TE Liaison Officer/Employee Engagement Office immediately if their child withdraws from attendance or falls below full-time status.  Students awarded Tuition Exchange Scholarships must continue to meet the academic and social standards of their institution and may be disqualified for failure to do so.

Scholarship Value:

The host/import college determines the value of the TE scholarships it awards.  It usually covers tuition charges but not room and board and other fees. Higher tuition colleges may elect (but are not required) to reduce their award to the Minimum Value Scholarship, established yearly by the TE Board of Directors. Before accepting a TE scholarship, the student should understand clearly what cost they will be responsible for.

Tuition Exchange Scholarships are non-taxable to the employee for undergraduate attendance.

 Application Process:

Students must apply for the TE scholarship to the college they want to attend by completing the online EZ Application Form found at www.tuitionexchange.org.  The deadline to submit applications for the following Fall Semester is October 31st.  

Students can monitor the status of their scholarship application on the TE website.  The Import College will notify the student if they have been accepted and if they will receive a scholarship.

Scholarship candidates must follow the admissions procedures of each College they wish to attend. This may include completing the Financial Aid Form if required by the College or desired by the student.  Generally, the Import College (attending) will notify the student of their acceptance to the college and their approval for the scholarship at the same time.

 Scholarship Renewal:

Continuing students should monitor the status of their scholarship each academic year on the TE website. They are not required to complete a new application each year. There is an annual recertification process to verify eligibility that is completed by the Export TE Liaison Officer/Employee Engagement Office. In addition, the student’s scholarship funding must be approved each year by the Import (attending school) on the TE website each academic year.   

Transfer Students:

TE scholarships are non-transferable.  If the student decides to transfer to another TE school, they are required to complete a new TE application.  Remember TE scholarships are based on a variety of considerations including academic success at the former school, if the Import school has scholarship dollars available or the college has specific policies such as “first-year, first-time students only.”  There is no guaranteed eligibility for Tuition Exchange at the new school.

Updated on October 29, 2021

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