Chosen Name Policy

Policy Author:
Tiffany Hamilton

Responsible Office – Department:
Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Effective Date of Policy:
Fall 2023


Establish parameters around name changes on Daemen Campuses


Daemen Community


Daemen University recognizes the need or preference for students and employees to refer to themselves by a “chosen” other than their legal given or first and/or middle name. This is consistent with Title IX federal law which protects against discrimination based on gender identity and expression. While this is currently recognized as a best practice for supporting the gender diversity of the university communities, the option to indicate a chosen name is available to anyone who uses a first name on a daily basis other than their legal name. Where a student or employee seeks to use a chosen name for a significant reason, and such use is not intended to avoid legal obligations, in jest, or for misrepresentation, the University acknowledges that where possible and practical, a chosen name can be used in the course of University business and education. The University reserves the right to remove a chosen name if deemed inappropriate. 

  • Only the first and/or middle name may be changed to a chosen name;
  • Last/family name must remain the same as the full legal last name in the University records system;
  • The chosen name may be used in some University communications and informational materials, except where the legal name is required by University business or legal need. This may include but is not limited to financial, medical, and law enforcement documents; transcripts; W-4 forms; I-9 forms; 1098-T forms; payroll documents; Visa/immigration documents; employment applications and related documents; background check documents; insurance documents; and student conduct records;
  • Chosen names are limited to alphabetical characters (a-z).

Development to accommodate the use of a chosen name in University systems is ongoing. Not all University information systems, databases, and processes may be able to display a chosen name and many uses of an individual’s name require the display of the legal name; therefore, individuals who utilize a chosen name should always be prepared to reference their legal name and provide corresponding identification when necessary. A chosen name designation is not a legal name change. 

The chosen name will be utilized in the student information system, ID cards, and classroom management system where deemed appropriate by Daemen University. The legal name will appear on all other records and documents. 

Please note that chosen names cannot appear on the academic transcript, as this is a legal document. Once the electronic Change of Name Form has been completed, requests will be reviewed and processed within one week.

For further information or questions please see the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s Daemen Chosen Name Policy page.

Updated on January 16, 2024

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