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Class Attendance Policy

Policy Author:

Responsible Office – Department:

Effective Date of Policy:

Policy Author: EPC

Responsible Office-Department: Registrar

Effective Date of Policy: 8/23/2021

Policy Purpose: To establish a comprehensive attendance policy for campus coursework.

Scope: All students

Policy (Narrative): Regular and prompt attendance is expected at all classes and officially scheduled programs and activities. A student who is absent from class for any reason whatsoever will be required to make up the work to the satisfaction of the instructor. Upon return, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss his or her standing in the course with the instructor, who will advise of the appropriate course of action to be taken.

Procedures: A student anticipating or having a prolonged absence from class (three or more class days), for reasons such as illness, accident, or death in the family, should report this absence to the Registrar, who will convey the information to the appropriate instructors. 

Updated on April 3, 2023

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