Code of Conduct

Policy Author:
Office of Employee Engagement

Responsible Office – Department:
Office of Employee Engagement

Effective Date of Policy:
February 2, 2021

Policy Narrative:

Our success is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees and the students we serve. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching our goals solely through honorable conduct.

All College employees are required to treat supervisors, fellow employees, students and the public in a professional manner.  Respect, integrity, courtesy, and a cooperative attitude between employees are essential to efficient operation of the College and overall job satisfaction.

Satisfactory performance of the work for which the employee was hired is expected of all employees.  Insubordination, dishonesty, on-the-job intoxication or substance abuse or disregard for the rules, regulations, standards, and procedures of the College will not be tolerated.

Respect for the Individual

We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. Daemen is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the full potential in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to our success. We cannot afford to let anyone’s talents go to waste.

Daemen is an equal employment/affirmative action employer and is committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimination of all types from abusive, offensive or harassing behavior. Any employee who feels harassed or discriminated against should report the incident to his or her supervisor, the Employee Engagement Director and/or the Chief Diversity Officer.

Create a Culture of Open and Honest Communication

At Daemen, everyone should feel comfortable to speak their mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns. Leadership has a responsibility to create an open and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable raising such questions. We all benefit tremendously when employees exercise their power to prevent mistakes or wrongdoing by asking the right questions at the right times.

Daemen will investigate all reported instances of questionable or unethical behavior. In every instance where improper behavior is found to have occurred, the College will take appropriate action. We will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise genuine ethics concerns in good faith.

Set Tone at the Top

Leadership and Faculty have the added responsibility for demonstrating, through their actions, the importance of this Code. In any institution, ethical behavior does not simply happen; it is the product of clear and direct communication of behavioral expectations, modeled from the top and demonstrated by example. Again, ultimately, our actions are what matters.

To make our Code work, Leadership must be responsible for promptly addressing ethical questions or concerns raised by employees and for taking the appropriate steps to deal with such issues.  

Uphold the Law

Daemen’s commitment to integrity begins with complying with laws, rules and regulations that govern our institution. Further, each of us must have an understanding of the college policies, laws, rules and regulations that apply to our specific roles. If we are unsure of whether a contemplated action is permitted by law or Daemen policy, we should seek the advice from the Employee Engagement Director. We are responsible for preventing violations of law and for speaking up if we see possible violations. 

Updated on April 3, 2023

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