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Community Advisory Board Bylaws

ARTICLE I: General Provisions

Section 1: Establishment

With this document, the “Daemen College Community Advisory Board” (“Board”) is hereby established.

Section 2: Purpose

It is the purpose of the Board to establish a reciprocal advisory exchange forum that will give businesses, government officials, and community leaders direct access to the expertise and of Daemen College; and provide Daemen College with the collective advice and counsel of the business, government and community leaders who serve on the Board.


Section 1: Roles and Responsibilities

The Board members and the President of Daemen College shall work collaboratively to ensure the mutual benefit of all activities to both the members and the College, including but not limited to the following:

  1. The Board and the President shall identify ways in which the various sectors represented on the Board can support the College in meeting its mission, and in which the College can support the private sector, State, local and Federal government entities, and community organizations represented on the Board;
  2. The President and Board members shall identify specific programmatic partnerships with Daemen College throughout the Buffalo-Niagara Region that will directly benefit Board member companies, organizations, governmental entities, and the College;
  3. The Board shall provide professional non-binding advice and counsel to the President on both internal and external matters affecting the College, its graduates, and external stakeholders;
  4. The President and the Board shall help identify opportunities for availing all parties of the proven economic impact and expertise of Daemen College to pursue joint economic development projects that will benefit Board member entities and the Region;
  5. The Board shall provide feedback to the President, when requested and appropriate, on College programs, curriculum, and projects as they relate to priorities and preferences in the private, governmental, and non-profit sectors of the Region; and
  6. The Board shall assist the President in promoting the positive image and effective relations with all of the College’s constituents.

ARTICLE III: Membership and Organization

Section 1: Membership: General.

Candidates for membership on the Daemen College Community Advisory Board shall be sought by the President of the College, following consultation with the Cabinet at the College.

Candidates for membership shall consist of, but shall not be limited to, businessmen and businesswomen from private sector corporations and business organizations; entrepreneurs; representatives of State, local and Federal government agencies or offices in accordance with any and all rules and regulations governing acceptance of Membership on advisory boards; elected officials from the State of New York legislature, local government entities, and the United States Congress; representatives from the health care sector of the Region; and representatives from non-profit and community organizations throughout the Buffalo Niagara Region.

The Members of the Board shall serve a term of office of 2 years.  A member may serve no more than 3 consecutive, 2 year terms.

Section 2: Resignation from the Board

Any member of the Advisory Board may resign from the Board by giving written notice to the President of the College.  The resignation will be effective immediately upon receipt of such notice.

Section 3: Authorities of the Board Members

The Members of the Board are authorized and encouraged to provide advice and counsel to the President of the College, with all recommendations of the Board to be presented to the President for implementation at his or her discretion.

The Members of the Board are also authorized and encouraged to participate in all initiatives to carry out their roles and responsibilities described under Article II of these Bylaws, including service on Special Committees or Task Forces authorized to be formed under Section 4 of this Article.

Section 4: Establishment of Special Committees or Task Forces

There are no Standing Committees of the Daemen College Community Advisory Board.

The President shall be empowered to recommend to the Board the formation of Special Committees or Task Forces to address specific issues raised by members during a meeting of the Board. Such Special Committees or Task Forces shall be formed with a specific time frame for returning to the full Board membership with advisory opinions and/or recommendations to be implemented by the President at his or her discretion.

Section 5: Meetings

The Community Advisory Board shall normally meet at least twice each academic year, preferably once a semester, on dates announced by the President of the College.  Special meetings may be called by the President with ten days notice to the membership.

All meetings of the Board shall be held at Daemen College, unless otherwise announced in advance by the President.

Section 6: Agenda

A tentative agenda for Board meetings shall be planned by the President and distributed to the membership at least ten days prior to the meeting date for Board meetings.  The tentative agenda for meetings shall be mailed or e-mailed in advance to Members for their input and addition of agenda items.

ARTICLE IV: Finances

Section 1: General Provision

There shall be no dues required for membership on the Board.

Updated on September 8, 2022

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