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Daemen University Media Policy

Policy Author:
Institutional Advancement

Responsible Office-Department:
Marketing & Communications

Effective Date of Policy:
March 25, 2021

Policy Narrative:

Daemen University communications serves as the primary contact for news media and is the main source of official information about the college. Daemen communications always seeks to be responsive to the needs of media and accurate in its communication.

As a matter of practice, media are instructed to first contact Daemen communications for assistance with stories, statements, Daemen information, college photos, or to arrange interviews with Daemen administrators, faculty, and staff. No one is to speak on behalf of the college unless designated by administration and/or communications as a spokesperson for Daemen.

Media may periodically contact administrators, faculty, or staff directly on subjects related to their areas of expertise or regarding specific matters pertaining to the college. Any inquiries received by Daemen employees, including requests regarding crisis situations or other sensitive matters, should be referred to Daemen communications as the designated point of contact for media. Communications will coordinate the appropriate response to the media inquiry. Daemen employees should also refer to communications any inquiries from unfamiliar or potentially controversial media sources.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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