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Faculty Additional Employment Policy

Policy Author:
Faculty Senate

Responsible Office – Department:
Faculty Senate

Effective Date of Policy:
Fall 2021


Establish the approval process surrounding additional employment beyond  a full-time faculty workload.


Faculty, the VPAA/Provost

Policy Narrative:

Taken from Faculty Handbook:


VIII. Faculty Responsibilities

B. Additional Employment


Before contemplating outside or additional employment, University faculty members should assess the status of their professional preparation and activity. Full-time faculty members should be thoroughly and efficiently fulfilling their responsibilities as stated in Section “A” above. Chairpersons are also expected to fulfill their administrative obligations. For those in full compliance with the above, additional employment of one course per semester or its equivalent may be pursued upon notification to the VPAA/Provost. Additional employment above the level of a single course per semester or its equivalent shall require prior consultation with, and written approval from the VPAA/Provost. Those not in full compliance with the above shall be notified by the administration at the beginning of each academic year that they do not comply, and that additional employment may be pursued only with prior written approval from the VPAA/Provost.

Policy Violations and Consequences:

Any full-time faculty member who pursues additional employment without complying with the restrictions noted above or after being notified of objections and denial of approval, shall be in breach of contract and subject to Termination for Cause (see Article XI.B; see also Appendix D: “Research Integrity and Guidelines on Misconduct/Conflict of Interest” and Appendix E: “Intellectual Property Policy”).

Updated on April 3, 2023

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