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Faculty Travel Committee Guidelines and Procedures

Policy Author:
Faculty Senate

Responsible Office – Department:
Faculty Senate

Effective Date of Policy:
Fall 2022


Establish guidelines and procedures for faculty wishing to receive reimbursement for travel expenses


Faculty, the Travel Committee and the Faculty Research Committee

NOTE: Travel funding requests for professional conferences should be submitted to the faculty Travel Committee. Requests for Reassigned Time, Research Stipends, Sabbaticals, and Leaves of Absence should be submitted to the Faculty Development Committee. Travel funding requests for research purposes should be submitted to the Faculty Research Committee.

A. Faculty Travel Committee Appointment and Purpose

Taken from Faculty Handbook:


  1. The Faculty Travel Committee is appointed by the Faculty Senate at the beginning of the Fall Term of the Academic Year (see Faculty Handbook, Article V).
  2. The Committee consists of six members with equal divisional representation. Effort will be made to sustain some continuity.
  3. The Committee chooses its Chairperson, who organizes meetings and announces fall and spring due dates for applications. The Chair may also solicit budget information from Department Chairs or Divisional Deans to clarify other available funding for specific applications.
  4. The Committee will recommend awards to the Vice President for Academic Affairs in both fall and spring to support eligible faculty travel to professional conferences.

B. Application Process and Eligibility

1) The application form is available electronically at the Faculty 
   Affairs website:

      Application Form:
      Faculty Affairs:

2) All Travel Arrangements must be handled through the Office for 
   Academic Affairs, which will coordinate with the Business Affairs 
   guidelines for Travel and Entertainment:  

3) Applicants must submit the application form electronically to the 
   Chairperson of the Committee by the due date (TBA by Chairperson 
   early in semester) for consideration in that semester.

4) Designated Funding: Some departments’ accreditation or certifying 
   bodies require designated funding for professional development; 
   others do not. Tenured or Tenure-Track faculty from departments with 
   designated conference travel funds must first exhaust those funds 
   before seeking additional funding from this committee to present 
   research at conferences. These applications will only be considered 
   after Tenure-Track/Tenured faculty requests in C.1.a and C.1.b 
  (below) have been fulfilled in spring semester.

5) Non-Designated Funding: All Tenured or Tenure-Track faculty without 
   designated conference travel funds are eligible to apply for these 
   resources. Applicants must indicate their department’s designated 
   funding status on the application form, itemizing all requested 
   funds, including any already covered through departments or external

6) Non-TT/T Clinical Faculty or Instructors must use available 
   designated departmental funds for conference expenses. Any request 
   for additional resources must be submitted to the Department Chair, 
   endorsed by the Divisional Dean and submitted to VPAA for

C. Funding Allocation Process and Priorities

1) Eligible Faculty performing the following roles will be considered 
   for travel funding, in descending order of priority:
       a) Presenters of original work (e.g., paper, poster or invited 
          talk) at a professional conference;
       b) Chairs/Organizers of panel presentations or Participants in 
          roundtable discussions;
       c) Attendees at professional conferences related to the 
          applicant’s field (only if funds are still available in 
          spring after “a” and “b” categories are fully covered).

2) Because of limited resources, the Committee may be unable to fully 
   recommend funding for travel to conferences. All eligible faculty 
   without designated departmental funding for conference travel (see  
   B.5) will be considered for up to two conferences per
 budget year.
   Those attending but not presenting (C.1.c above) and those eligible 
   for designated travel funds (B.4) will only be considered if 
   sufficient funds remain after both fall and
 spring applications have 
   been filled for those in category C.1.a & b (above).

3) The Committee will spend no more than 50% of its annual budget in 
   the fall semester. Spring requests will be awarded at the same 
   percentage as the fall requests and any remaining funds will be 
   distributed equally among both fall and spring requestors
   (including those with designated funds) to maximize coverage of 
   their expenses.

D. Administrative Approval and Oversight

1) The Committee will forward its recommendations with any supporting 
   materials to the Vice President for Academic Affairs within two 
   weeks of the due date for applications.

2) If approved by the VPAA, a requisition with all original receipts 
   must be submitted to the Business Office in order to complete 
   reimbursement. Credit card expenses for accommodations are NOT 
   acceptable; itemized hotel receipts are required. All receipts must 
   be accompanied by a signed requisition form and submitted through
   the Committee Chair.

      a) If application is submitted before actual travel, expenses 
         should be estimated with receipts and any deliverable (e.g., 
         paper/poster, PowerPoint, etc.) submitted through the 
         Committee Chair upon return from the conference.

      b) If application for funding follows actual travel, original 
         receipts for all expenses must be submitted with the 
         application, including any deliverable documentation.

3) Application form requires appropriate conference documentation, 
   e.g., conference program, correspondence on original letterhead (see 
   upload links on application form). If presenting a paper, include a 
   copy of paper or an abstract. Other types of presentations or forms 
   of conference participation should be described in detail.

4) All approved applications and documentation of deliverables will be 
   maintained in a repository by the Office of the VPAA on an annual 
   basis. The Committee may review the repository for previous awards 
   when making recommendations.

E. Revisions to Travel Guidelines

If the Travel Committee would like to propose changes to these guidelines, the Chair
should discuss these changes with the Faculty Senate for its approval.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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