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Faculty Travel Committee Guidelines and Procedures

Policy Author:
Faculty Senate

Responsible Office-Department:
Faculty Senate

Effective Date of Policy:
Fall 2021


Establish guidelines and procedures for faculty wishing to receive reimbursement for travel expenses


Faculty, the Travel Committee and the Faculty Research Committee



Taken from Faculty Handbook:


  1. In order to ensure wider distribution of funds among applicants, the Travel Committee will consider up to two reimbursement requests per faculty member each academic year. If two are submitted simultaneously, the committee will consider one submission from each applicant first before considering the second.  If the committee has adequate funds remaining as the end of an academic year approaches (i.e., late Spring), a final call for travel requests will be circulated. At that time, faculty can submit requests for reimbursement for additional travel; however, preference will be granted to applications from faculty members who have not yet received reimbursement for two conferences.
  2. In reviewing travel applications each semester, the Travel Committee will prioritize applications from faculty scheduled to present research at professional conferences. In the event that requests for travel funding exceed the amount budgeted (for a given semester), the highest possible percentage of funds will be distributed among all applicants presenting research. For example, if requests for travel in one semester total $16,500, and the total allotted for that term is $15,000, then all eligible faculty would be reimbursed for 90% of their costs.
  3. The Travel Committee will give secondary consideration to applicants traveling to conferences for the purposes of participating in professional meetings, chairing sessions, or engaging in professional development activities, etc. As noted on the Travel Application Form, each applicant must submit a detailed description of the activity and the applicant’s conference role along with his or her request for funding.
  4. Once the Travel Committee has approved a funding request, the applicant will be eligible to receive 50% of their projected costs prior to the travel date. The remainder will be rewarded upon submission and approval of receipts.
  5. Faculty members may request a maximum $20 per diem to defray the cost of meals. Note: you must submit full receipts in order to be reimbursed.  Costs of alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.
  6. If the actual costs of travel exceed the amount requested, the faculty member should contact the Chair of the Travel Committee. If adequate funds remain available, the faculty member may be reimbursed for the full amount.
  7. If the funded trip is cancelled for whatever reason, it is expected that all funds be returned as soon as possible. If funds have already been spent, and certain expenditures are non-refundable, the amount to be returned will be determined by the Travel Committee on a case-by-case basis.
Faculty Research Committee Funding
Guidelines and Instructions:
  1. Funds will not be issued for graduate studies, including work toward the terminal degree.
  2. Requests for travel funds for research purposes are appropriately submitted to the Faculty Research Committee. Requests for travel funds to attend conferences should be submitted to the Faculty Travel Committee. Requests for summer stipend, sabbaticals or course reductions should be submitted to the Faculty Development Committee.
  3. The Committee will examine the proposal to see if it is designed in the most economical way.
  4. Because of limited resources, the Committee may be unable to award full funding to accepted proposals.
  5. Requests must include the following information:
    1. Description of the project
    2. Statement of the significance of the research
    3. Specification of the research methodology
    4. Amount of funds requested, including an itemized breakdown of expenses (amount and use)
    5. Statement of expected outcome of the research (e.g., publication, paper presentation, etc.)
  6. All faculty who receive funds are expected to submit a report to the Committee indicating the outcome of the research project. This report should be submitted and should include the following- The date for a report on the research is to be determined and will be forwarded in
    1. future email.
    2. Statement of results of the project
    3. Discussion of methodology (e.g., was it appropriate)
    4. Statement of outcome (e.g., publication, paper presented, generation of new research, etc.)
  7. It is expected that receipts reflecting expenditures will be submitted with the final report. Funds not accounted for must be returned to the Committee.
  8. Successful applicants are encouraged to arrange for formal presentation(s) of their research to their peers and/or to the University or larger community.

Updated on April 11, 2022

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