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Founders Bell Use Policy

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The ringing of the Founders Bell during the annual Founders Celebration recognizes the proud history of the College, from its roots as Rosary Hill College to the college of national distinction it is today.  The central campus location of the bell adjacent to the Founders Walkway at the front of Rosary Hall presents the College and the students it serves with an opportunity to use this symbol of the College’s heritage for numerous campus celebrations.

This policy ensures that the Founders Bell is utilized for appropriate purposes and according to appropriate guidelines.

  1. Requests for Use of the Founders Bell:

Any student, faculty member, staff employee, alum, or campus leader wishing to use the bell for an appropriate celebration must request permission for the use of the Founders Bell through the Chief of Staff, and shall utilize the Founders Bell Request and Reservation Form, attached to this Policy document as Appendix A, in making a reservation for such use.

 The Chief of Staff shall have the responsibility to keep a master schedule of the requests/reservations for use of the Founders Bell, and keep such schedule in an appropriate electronic format.  Conflicting dates and times for the use of the bell shall be resolved amicably between the requesting student, faculty member, full-or part time employees, alumni or campus leader and the Chief of Staff. 

A set of master keys to the lock protecting the Founders Bell, shall be kept in an appropriate, safe and secure place within the office of the Chief of Staff, with a second set of master keys kept by the Director of Facilities in a safe and secure place within the Facilities Office on campus. 

  1. Restrictions on Ringing of the Founders Bell:
  2. Appropriate use of the Founders Bell shall include, but not be limited to, the following activities:
  • Founders Celebration;
  • Alumni Events;
  • Celebration of athletic events and activities;
  • Academic Affairs and/or Enrollment Management recognition and celebration of student achievement;
  • Special student events, following consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs;
  • Recognition of distinguished speakers on campus;
  • Tributes to faculty for special academic or other achievements; and
  • Events selected by the President or Members of the Board of Trustees.

These and other uses of the Founders Bell shall be pre-approved by the President, the appropriate Vice President, the Director of Athletics, or Chief Information Officer.

  1. The Founders Bell shall not be rung under any circumstances, before 9:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m., during weekdays or on weekends.
  2. Following the approved ringing of the Founders Bell, the bell shall be put back into a level position, with the clapper securely fastened and locked, and with the rope properly wound and laid on the stone bell stand.
  3. The key used to lock and unlock the bell shall be returned to the officer on duty at the security desk in Wick Campus Center.

III.  Maintenance of the Founders Bell:

The Director of Facilities shall maintain the Founders Bell and the stone bell stand, and establish a short-and long-term plan for the proper maintenance of this historic fixture on campus.  The Director shall report to the President and the Cabinet periodically on the condition of the bell and stand.

Appendix A:

Founders Bell Use Request and Reservation Form

Individual/Organization Making Request: _____________________________________

Title: __________________________________

Proposed Purpose for Use of the Bell: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date and Time of Proposed Ringing of the Bell: _______________________________________

If Required, Campus Official Approving Request for Use of the Bell: ______________________________________________________

Request Approved and Placed on Master Schedule by Chief of Staff:

______________________________________          _____________________________

Amanda Gross                                                                                     Date

Updated on April 3, 2023

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