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Occupancy (Residential Living)

Policy Author:
Student Affairs

Responsible Office/Department:
Student Affairs

Effective Date of Policy:
August 18, 2022

Policy Narrative

Acceptance of the room key constitutes occupancy. If a resident’s eligibility status changes during the length of the Housing Agreement, the resident is expected to move out of the residence halls within forty-eight (48) hours. If an extension is required, the resident must submit the request in writing to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Graduating seniors participating in University commencement ceremonies will be allowed to remain in the residence halls until 10 a.m. the day after commencement. 

Upon moving into or out of a room, each resident must complete a Room Condition Form (RCF) through their Resident Assistant. By submitting the RCF, the student is attesting that it is an accurate and complete record of the contents and condition of the assigned room. This inventory will assist in the assessment of check-out and damage charges, if necessary.  

Early check-ins for purposes unrelated to Daemen academics, athletics, or programs are approved at the discretion of the Director of Housing and Residence Life and will result in a $25/day early check-in fee.

In order to check out of an assigned space in University housing, the resident must remove all personal belongings and trash and make a reasonable attempt to clean the room/apartment. Personal belongings remaining in the apartment following check-out will be removed and discarded by the University at a cost to the resident.

Failure to check-out appropriately may result in a $25 improper check-out fee. Room key(s) not returned within 48 hours of check-out will be considered lost and the student will be charged accordingly.

Purpose of Policy

To create and maintain an equitable environment where students have the optimal opportunity to succeed academically, personally, and professionally and where any and all Daemen University Community members feel safe, valued, and respected.

This policy’s virtual location is in the Residential Living Policies section (Section 4) of the Student Handbook –  https://www.daemen.edu/student-life/student-affairs/student-handbook/section-4-residential-living-policies.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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