Refund Policy

When Refunds Will Be Available
  • When the student is 100% liable for all tuition and fees.
  • When all of the financial aid has been applied to the student’s account and is no longer listed as “Pending.”  This includes loans, federal aid, state aid, and scholarships.
  • When there is a credit balance listed on the student’s account.
How Refunds Are Received
  • Refunds are processed weekly on Thursdays and will be sent via direct deposit within 3-5 business days.
  • If a student has not filled out their Refund Profile or does not have correct banking information entered in on their Refund Profile, they will receive a paper check mailed to the home address that is on file for the student on the Friday after the check has been processed.
  • Upon request, refund checks that are not being direct deposited can be held for pick up in the Office of Student Accounts (DS 112) on the Friday after the check has been processed.
  • Students who have taken out a Parent Plus loan that has resulted in a credit balance on their account will receive a paper check that is made payable to both the student and the parent, and mailed to the home address that is on file for the student.  These refunds are not eligible for direct deposit.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their home address information up to date with the Registrar’s Office.  The Change of Address Form and the Secure Upload Portal where it can be uploaded can be found on the Registrar’s Website.
Special Notes
  • Students will be notified via Daemen email when their refund is being processed.
  • Advances are not available.
  • When a student withdraws and their tuition charge is updated based on the tuition liability dates, fees on the account are not prorated.  This includes but is not limited to costs for housing and food, books, and other fees associated with registering.
Tuition Liability Dates for Amherst Campus
Add/Drop Period:
0% liability = 100% Refund
Week 1 after add/drop:
20% liability = 80% Refund
Week 2 after add/drop:
40% liability = 60% Refund
Week 3 after add/drop:
60% liability = 40% Refund
Week 4 after add/drop:
80% liability = 20% Refund
Week 5 after add/drop:
100% liability = No Refund

*If a student’s program or classes have special start and/or end dates, the tuition liability dates may vary.

How to Contact the Office of Student Accounts
Updated on December 11, 2023

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