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Religious Accommodation Policy

Policy Author:
Employee Engagement

Responsible Office – Department:
Employee Engagement

Effective Date of Policy:
April, 2021

Daemen University prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion and is committed to providing a work environment that respects the religious beliefs and practices of all employees. As part of that commitment, the University will make, on request, an accommodation for such observances when a reasonable accommodation is available that does not create an undue hardship for the University. 

Requesting a Religious Accommodation

An employee seeking an accommodation based on religious beliefs or practices that conflict with their job, work schedule, a Daemen University policy or practice on dress and appearance, or with other aspects of employment, may do so by submitting the Religious Accommodation Request Form to their immediate supervisor at least 14 days in advance. The employee may be required to provide other documentation or information supporting the request, as noted on the form. 

Providing Religious Accommodation

The immediate supervisor will evaluate the proposed accommodation, considering whether a work conflict exists due to a sincerely held religious belief or practice and whether an accommodation is available that is reasonable and that would not create an undue hardship for the University. Cooperation and flexibility are key to the search for a reasonable accommodation. 

The University prohibits retaliation against employees requesting a religious accommodation, participating in an approved accommodation, or otherwise engaging in protected conduct under this policy. Any person who violates this anti-retaliation provision may be subject to disciplinary and/or corrective action. Employees who believe that they have been retaliated against or not accommodated appropriately should contact the EEO Officer/Daemen University Center for Diversity and Inclusion and/or the AVP of Employee Engagement.

Depending on the type of conflict and suggested accommodation, the supervisor may confer with their manager and with the AVP of Employee Engagement.

Some examples of possible accommodations include:

  • Flexible Scheduling.  Change in job, use of paid or unpaid leave for religious holidays, breaks during the day for prayer, allowance made for a weekly Sabbath day off.  
  • Dress and Grooming.  Wearing particular head coverings or other religious dress (such as a Jewish yarmulke or a Muslim headscarf) and wearing certain hairstyles or facial hair (such as Rastafarian dreadlocks or Sikh uncut hair and beard).
  • University Facilities.  Private space for prayer or other religious observance during the work day or other religious observance during the work day.
Updated on September 8, 2022

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