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Staff Vacation Policy

Policy Author:
Employee Engagement

Responsible Office – Department:
Employee Engagement

Effective Date of Policy:
April 20, 2021

Policy Statement:  Daemen University strives to provide its staff with work/life balance and as such provides a generous vacation benefit to our employees.  Each full-time staff member accrues vacation bi-weekly in hourly increments based on their length of service and/or employment type as defined below:

Full Time Salaried Staff Employees accrue 20 days per year according to their work schedule. Vacation time accrues each pay period.

Full-Time Hourly Staff accrue vacation time per pay period according to their biweekly work schedule (see table below). 

* Years of Service70 Hour Pay Period75 Hour Pay Period80 Hour Pay PeriodTotal Days per YearTotal Weeks Per Year
< 5 years2.702.893.0810 days2 weeks
5 – 9 years4.044.334.6215 days3 weeks
10 + years5.395.786.1620 days4 weeks

                        (* years of service is based on full-time anniversary date)

Limited Full-Time Hourly Staff are eligible for pro-rated vacation benefits according to their length of employment at the university and the number of hours worked, provided at least 1000 hours have been worked during the period July 1st and June 30th.

Part-Time (work less than 30 hours per week), Per Diem, and Temporary Staff are not eligible for paid vacation.


New staff may use accrued vacation after 3 months of employment.


Vacation time may be taken in hourly increments and is requested and approved by the employee’s direct supervisor or designated time and attendance supervisor in ADP Workforce Now.

Requests for specific weeks of vacation are determined by seniority or departmental requirements. It is understood that vacations will be scheduled in such a manner that there will be minimal interference in the functioning of the department/universityas a whole. During peak periods, all departments must remain fully operational with all personnel scheduled to provide the best service to students and the general public.

If vacation hours are requested off in advance and the university closes for unanticipated reasons on that scheduled day (such as a snow day), the vacation time will NOT be credited back to the employee.

Vacation Accrual:

No vacation time may be taken in advance of being earned. Staff may accrue up to 30 days of vacation.  Vacation time will not accrue beyond 30 days at any time. 

Vacation Pay:

Vacation time will be based on the standard daily wage and schedule that the employee ordinarily receives.  Vacation hours will be considered “hours worked” for the purposes of calculating overtime.  When combining actual hours worked and vacation for the same day, i.e. (taking a 1/2 day) total hours cannot exceed 8 for the day. Employees will not be permitted to work through vacation and receive pay in lieu of time off.


Accrued vacation is eligible to be paid out upon separation of employment. Vacation time is not allowed to be taken the last two weeks of employment, unless approved by the supervisor for extenuating circumstances.

Updated on September 8, 2022

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