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Veterans Admissions Policy

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Veterans and dependents eligible for GI Bill benefits must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to apply for admission to Daemen.  To begin the application process, the veteran or eligible dependent may contact the Office of Admissions to obtain an application, or may complete an online application for admission by visiting Daemen’s Admissions website.  Veterans and eligible dependents who wish to study using GI Bill monies should consult the Veterans Administration’s Regional Office or visit www.gibill.va.gov to determine what forms should be filed to apply for or to transfer their benefits to Daemen College.  Both the application form and the transfer form can be completed on this site through VONAPP – the VA Online Application Process.

Once accepted as a student at Daemen, the veteran/eligible dependent meets with Daemen’s Veteran Certification Officer  to facilitate tuition, fees, books, and related expense payments.  At this time, GI Bill entitlements and reporting procedures will be explained, as well as your obligations in maintaining eligibility to receive these funds.  In addition, the Veteran Certification Officer will assist you in managing the eligibility time limit, in preventing VA debt, and in other concerns regarding your VA payments.  DAEMEN COLLEGE IS APPROVED BY THE NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FOR THE TRAINING OF VETERANS AND OTHER ELIGIBLE PERSONS.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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