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Appointment of Faculty Policy

Policy Author:
Faculty Senate

Responsible Office – Department:
Faculty Senate

Effective Date of Policy:
Fall 2021


Establish guidelines and procedures for the appointment of new faculty members


All new faculty members

Policy Narrative:

Taken from Faculty Handbook:



A.  Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Daemen University prohibits discrimination on the basis of membership in any protected classes under Federal and/or New York State law. Daemen University’s nondiscrimination policy complies with all current statutes and applies to admission, employment, and access to all programs, services, and other activities offered by the University.

Daemen University is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer (see also Article XXIV. Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy).

B.  Recruitment and Hiring Procedure

The primary responsibility for recruiting and hiring faculty lies with the department faculty. The Administration has the responsibility upon request to provide support and advice on prospective candidates.

When hiring any faculty, procedures shall be followed in accordance with the Employee Engagement hiring process in consultation with appropriate Department Chairs and Academic Deans. The process and forms can be found at Employee Engagement.

When hiring full-time faculty, in conjunction with the Employee Engagement hiring process, follow the additional procedures outlined below:

1.  Identify Staffing Need: The Department Chair, in consultation with full-time faculty members of the department, shall determine whether additional full-time faculty are needed for the following academic year, and shall provide a job description to the appropriate Academic Dean who will forward it to the VPAA/Provost. The Academic Dean shall then seek approval from the VPAA/Provost for recruiting the additions or replacements within the limits of the budget.

2.  Form Search Committee: Once hiring approval has been obtained, a department search committee shall be formed. The composition of said committee shall be determined by the Department Chairperson in consultation with the full-time faculty members of the department and shall consist of at least three (3) full-time department faculty and one (1) student. For departments with fewer than three full-time faculty members, the Departmental Personnel Advisory Committee (DPAC) members may be included in the search committee, or the department may nominate other faculty members from the
college to serve. The Faculty Senate must approve the membership of a search committee for a tenure-track position.

3.  Provide Job Description: The Department Chair will send a new or revised job description to the Employee Engagement Office.

4.  Submit Job Requisition Form: Form must be completed by Department Chair and sent to Employee Engagement, which will post position internally and externally.

5.  Review Candidates: Applications are submitted online through Employee Engagement. The search committee reviews and notifies Employee Engagement of any suitable candidates. Employee Engagement sends regret emails to other candidates.

6.  Schedule Interviews: Interviews are conducted by the search committee, followed by recommendations to the Academic Dean.

7.  Make Recommendation: At the conclusion of the search, the Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Academic Dean. The Academic Dean shall review the application materials to confirm that the recommended candidate meets the criteria for the position and that the hiring procedure has been followed. Thereafter, the Academic Dean shall forward the Search Committee’s recommendation and the supporting data to the VPAA/Provost along with the Dean’s own recommendation.

8.  Extend Offer: The VPAA/Provost shall have the opportunity to meet the candidate. If in favor of the recommendation, the VPAA/Provost shall request that the Vice President for Business Affairs and the University President authorize a contract offer at a specified salary. The salary offer should be decided in consultation with the Academic Dean and the Department Chair. No subsequent increase in the salary offer can be made without approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the Vice President for Business Affairs, or the President.

9.  Formalize Appointment: Once an offer has been accepted, the Department Chair will notify Employee Engagement, which will send a welcome email. The VPAA/Provost shall send a notification of appointment which shall contain the written contract specifying salary, academic rank, duration of appointment, and tenure application date.

10. In the event of any unfilled positions ten weeks prior to the beginning of an academic term, the VPAA/Provost, in consultation with the Department Chair, Academic Dean, and Registrar, is authorized to take any action necessary to fill such vacancies for a one-year period. 

Updated on April 3, 2023

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