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Transportation Policy

Policy Author:
Student Affairs

Responsible Office – Department:
Student Affairs

Effective Date of Policy:
August 18, 2022

Policy Narrative

Before community members reserve, drive, or accompany a van, the University wants to ensure that they are aware of the following insurance restrictions placed on the University regarding the usage of Daemen vehicles to transport personnel.

The Director of Campus Safety is responsible for scheduling the use of the University vans. The University vans may be used by any organization, residence hall, or group recognized by the University, according to the following guidelines; however, use of the vans is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is subject to van availability. The Director of Campus Safety (or designee) reserves the right to deny requests based upon anticipated need or requested purpose. Those who abuse the privilege, as determined by the University, may be prohibited from using the vans. Any groups denied use of the vans may appeal to the Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives (or designee).


  1. Requests for use of a van should be made 5-7 days in advance to the Director of Campus Safety. Last-minute requests may be denied. Vans are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis; however, official use of the vans by the University has priority over the use of vans by student groups and organizations. Any changes or cancellations must be communicated to the Director of Campus Safety immediately; failure to do so may affect future request approval.
  2. The vans will be used primarily for travel in and around the vicinity of Daemen University by groups of at least six individuals (not further than a 75 mile distance from the University). The van is not allowed to leave the country (no trips to Canada).
  3. Only members of the Daemen University community may ride in the University vans. A list of all passengers must be provided to campus safety at the time of van pick-up.
  4. A group may be denied the use of a van at the discretion of the Office of Campus Safety if:
  • The group requesting a van plans to attend a bar or other social event where the activity will include the consumption of alcohol.
  • The presence of the Daemen van will reflect negatively on the University.
  • The van is requested for use beyond midnight, without good cause.
  1. Drivers of a University van must turn in a photocopy of their current driver license to Campus Safety in Wick Student Center, and may also be asked to present a conviction stub, if applicable. In addition, drivers will need to sign a release to have their driving record investigated by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers are required to be staff or faculty at the University, and free of any driving-related convictions within the last two years. Drivers must also have no current, unsatisfied social sanctions pending at the University.  
  2. If a group does not have an approved driver, a driver may be requested. To request a driver, their service must be required for at least 3 hours. If a driver is supplied, the group will be charged for the driver’s services.
  3. Drivers are responsible for following all motor vehicle regulations and laws. Should a trip exceed 8 hours, multiple approved drivers will be required.
  4. Riders are responsible for wearing their seat belts at all times in the vehicles.
  5. No food or beverages are allowed in the vans.
  6. Groups using a van overnight must be accompanied by a faculty or administrative person employed by the University on a full-time basis.
  7. The group is responsible for any tolls and/or parking fees.
  8. Van drivers/passengers may not drink alcohol nor use drugs which can affect driving performance during the entire time that they have possession of a van. Alcohol is not permitted inside a University van; smoking is not permitted in the van.
  9. Keys to the vans may be picked up at the Campus Safety Desk in the Wick Student Center. A reservation confirmation with the appropriate signatures must be brought to Campus Safety when picking up the keys along with a list of passengers.
  10. When arriving back to campus, the driver will return the van to the proper parking area and ensure the van is locked and secure. The keys must be returned to the Campus Safety Officer on duty. The group must remove any debris from the van interior. The group may be charged for gas or any damages and may be restricted from any further use if determined necessary.
  11. Any negative incidents and/or legal infractions involving the van may result in restrictions in use or complete revocation of the van-use privilege.

This policy pertains to:

Daemen University guidelines regarding transportation using the college’s official licensed vehicles.

Purpose of this Policy

To create and maintain an equitable environment where students have the optimal opportunity to succeed academically, personally, and professionally and where any and all Daemen University Community members feel safe, valued, and respected.

This policy’s virtual location is https://www.daemen.edu/student-life/student-affairs/student-handbook/section-5-general-university-policies

Scope and Applicability of this Policy:

Student Affairs adapts the idea of community standards – through our General Policies, Residential Policies, and the Student Code of Conduct – and attempts to enlighten, not only the student body, but the entire Daemen community, on the value and vision of the university to ensure that we achieve our mission and commitment to education.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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